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Editing by Scholars for Scholars

Here at Great Lakes Academic Editing we specialize in substantive and developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, and indexing scholarly monographs, edited volumes, journal articles, and dissertations in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our past clients have included academic publishers, university presses, individual scholars, and doctoral students publishing research in the below areas.

  • Ancient Near Eastern Studies

  • Ancient Language Studies

  • Archaeology

  • Biblical Studies

  • Classics

  • Gender Studies

  • Late Antique History

  • Literary Theory

  • Modern History

  • Philosophy

  • Practical Theology

  • Religion and Culture

  • Social Theory

  • Systematic Theology



Water Foam


As always, an unparalleled job!  In my twenty-three years in the publishing industry I have never worked with an editor who has matched your linguistic expertise, constructive copy editing, and knowledge of the field. If only we had four or five more of you!

Water Ripples


Very deep appreciation for your diligent work on this manuscript. I can truly say that both the prose and research dealt with in my book has been vastly improved thanks to your help. . . . You will most definitely be hearing from me again when the next project comes around.

Painting on Canvas


Considering the difficulty and size of this project, I am thrilled with how everything has turned out (not to mention almost week ahead of schedule!) A lesser copy editor would have balked at the footnotes alone. . . . Thank you for your effort on this one; it has certainly made my job much easier.  

Why Choose Great Lakes Academic Editing?


Deadline Guarantee

Competitive Pricing

Whether you're an early career academic, a seasoned professor, or a managing editor at an academic publisher, working with an experienced editor is always a plus. Our over two decades of combined experience at Great Lakes Academic Editing means that we've seen almost everything in the field. Relax. We got your back.

Foreign Languages

Even if it's all "Greek" to you, our editors specialize in a wide variety of ancient (e.g., Akkadian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Coptic) and modern (e.g., German, French) languages. Whether it's an Koine Greek grammar, a Syriac critical text and translation, or simply an essay conversing with Continental scholarship, we have you covered!

Believe us, we know how expensive high-quality academic editing can be! Whether you're an academic press searching for a reasonably priced freelancer or a doctoral candidate seeking for some help with your dissertation, our team will do whatever we can to make sure your project gets first-rate treatment without breaking the bank (or cutting corners).    

Academic and House Styles

Got an article that needs to be formatted for a particular journal? How about a collection of essays with a "divergent" sense of style? Regardless whether you're an academic publisher with a specific house style or an author submitting research to a peer-reviewed publication, our experienced editorial staff will get any manuscript into the shape you need it to be in. Consistency is the name of the game here!

We've all been there. An essay collection with less than timely contributors; an author taking their sweet time with their page proofs. At Great Lakes Academic Editing we pride ourselves at being punctual to a fault. When we agree on a deadline, we will make that deadline. You won't be waiting on us anytime soon!

Top-Notch Service

Communication and clarity guide everything we do. Got a follow-up question about a book chapter? How about a last minute submission or revision? What about a problem with an invoice? Here at Great Lakes Academic Editing we stand by our work until your project has hit the presses. Regardless how monstrous or minuscule your issue may be, we'll take care of it. Take a breath; we got this.

Beach Fench

At Great Lakes Academic Editing, we pride ourselves on being Humanities scholars editing for other Humanities scholars. As published experts in our fields, we know firsthand the rigorous standards of respectable, peer-reviewed academic research. No matter how big or complicated a project, we're here to help!

- Blake A. Jurgens, Ph.D.

Chief Editor

Dr. Blake A. Jurgens Ph.D. Academic Book Editor Great Lakes Academic Editing
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