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Editorial Services

No matter how big or small, simple or complicated, mundane or monumentous the project you have might be, we're here to help! At Great Lakes Academic Editing we offer a variety of editorial services  across the entire publishing process. Whether you have a journal article that needs further development, an essay collection that needs copy editing, a critical text and translation that needs an expert touch, or a monograph that needs a subject index, we're prepared to take care of it.

Our Standard Services

Substantive and Developmental Editing

Developing a research project and fine-tuning an argument can be a lot of work, especially when you're looking to publish it. Sometimes the best remedy is a new, critical perspective on your work. Our Great Lakes Academic Editing team knows firsthand what strong, peer-reviewed scholarship looks like because we've published research ourselves! Even if your article, essay, or book-length project is still in its infancy stages, we can coach you as develop and refine your ideas, structure and hone your argument, and present the relevant evidence and data with clarity and conciseness. We'll work through your draft with you in depth, point out areas of strength and weakness, and help you cultivate a piece of critical scholarship that you can be proud of.

Copy Editing

At Great Lakes Academic Editing, we pride ourselves at being some of the most proficient and effective copy editors in our field. For every copy editing project, we'll address grammatical and syntactical problems; improve word choice and readability; remedy stylistic and consistency issues; flag any potential factual, citation, and bibliographic errors; and fix spelling and punctuation issues. Are you working with any ancient or modern foreign languages? No worries, we'll double check those too. What you can expect as a final product is a professional piece of original scholarship fine tuned for optimal clarity, conciseness, and factual precision while maintaining your original ideas and authorial voice. 


Better safe than sorry is always a good principle. After all, even the best copy editors, typesetters, and designers can make a mistake once in a while! Like all our services, we take proofreading seriously at Great Lakes Academic Editing. Our standard proofreading not only double checks for typos; spelling errors; tense and syntax issues; and consistency errors, but also makes sure all line breaks are placed properly; all heading and subheadings are styled appropriately; and all foreign language fonts are formatted correctly (no backwards Aramaic here). Got an even more specific issue with a manuscript? Let us know and we'll make sure it is taken care of.


Ask any scholar who has had to compile their own index and chances are that they'll describe their overall experience as . . . well, less than enjoyable (tedious and torturous might be more like it). Lucky for you, we actually enjoy indexing here at Great Lakes Academic Editing. Whether its an author, lexical, name, subject, or textual source index, we're more than happy to take that off your hands! Every one of our indices is easy-to-use, well-organized, properly formatted, and offers an accurate roadmap for readers to navigate your book based upon their specific interests. 

Additional Services

Besides the general editorial services for scholarly monographs and articles listed above, we also offer the following services upon request. For more information, feel free to reach out to us and we can begin discussing your particular project and goals right away! 

Dissertation Editing

Book Proposals

Grant Proposals


If you work for an academic publisher or have researched hiring an editor before, you most likely already know that good editing typically does not come cheap. Some of our competitors have been known to charge fifty to sixty-five US dollars an hour for basic copy editing (and even more for developmental editing). If you're an academic press, we know that your margins and overhead are tight enough as they are, and if you're a professor or other professional such high rates are probably untenable at best.



At Great Lakes Academic Editing, one of our missions is to offer competitive and reasonable pricing for top-notch editing services. Our expertise in both the scholarly and editorial aspects of the academic publishing industry gives us an edge over many other editors and allows us to keep our rates below many of our competitors without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. Have a particular project you need done, but are restricted to a limited budget? Let us know and we can navigate a way to get the job done right for the right price!

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